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Neuroscientist. Writer. Twin Mom.  But first, coffee.

my science and writing philosophy

Science belongs to everyone.

It’s a nice thing to say but what does it really mean? To me, it means that whatever the scientific enterprise teaches us about the natural world, belongs to every single human being. Whatever good comes from scientific research ought to benefit all people. Sometimes the sharing of scientific knowledge is pitched as: “Well, the public funds our research, so they deserve to know about our findings.” Absolutely, yes — the public deserves to know. Yet, I hold a larger vision of science communication that is not dictated by who is funding the work. I believe that regardless of where the money comes from, science reveals truths about ourselves and our place in the world. By definition, we all have a stake in it. Thus, whoever wants to learn about science, should be given the opportunity to do so. We must increase accessibility. We must increase representation. Finally, we must communicate clearly through our written and spoken language.

As a science writer and communicator, I am committed to helping all scientists achieve this goal, regardless of the format or the audience. Some people believe that science communication (#scicomm) is just about translating scientific jargon into plain language for the benefit of the general public. While this form of science communication is a noble endeavor (and I personally love doing it!) it’s just one small slice of the pie. Science communication also includes academic writing and oral presentations. It includes dissertations, peer-reviewed articles, manuscripts, reviews and conference talks. If you can’t clearly communicate your ideas to your peers, then how will you have a real impact? How will you set up collaborations? How will you come up with even better experiments to reveal even deeper truths and more effective technologies?

I realize not everyone relishes in this communication challenge – but I do. As a writing coach, editor and writer (you choose what you need), I will meet you at your passion point and help you grow your message from there. I will help you communicate your science accurately, effectively while retaining your voice. I love helping people improve their writing one-on-one. I will tailor my services to meet your individual needs – and because I want to make sure we are a good fit before we commit to working on a project together, my consultations are free. 

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