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You’ve spent hours at the bench and have analyzed your data from every possible angle. Now you have to write a manuscript that’s ready for your peers to review. I can help you write a clear, accurate and coherent scientific narrative.



Condensing years worth of graduate work into a single dissertation is no small feat! You’ve put in blood, sweat and tears to get to this point. It matters. I get that. And I can help you write up a beast of a document you’ll be proud of. I also offer coaching in this area!


Whether it’s for a seminar, a course you are teaching or a dissertation committee meeting, you need that presentation to be polished. I can help you organize your thoughts and frame your narrative so you can deliver an impactful presentation.


Science Blog Posts

Need help explaining a complicated fMRI study or genome editing experiment to a general audience in accurate yet accessible language? It can be done and I can help! 

Annual Reports

Do your stakeholders and donors want to hear about how you’ve been spending their dollars? I can help write a clear and compelling report about your research activities and encourage your donors to keep funding that research!

Content Creation

Whatever your medium, the central goal of writing is the same: connect with your readership through clear and compelling language. If you need help with content creation, please send me a contact request so we can chat about how I can help!

Although there is some evidence that the brain IS

I help academics write. Whether you’re a graduate student, post-doc or a professor, I understand that your time is precious. I also know that you and your project goals are unique.  Click here to learn more about me, my science philosophy and my individually tailored coaching services.

I am also a freelance science writer, available for hire. I have written blog posts, annual reports, and even gotten some air time on the NIH Radio. If you have a project you need help with, feel free to contact me to see if I can help serve you.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“Anahita is an amazing editor. I have worked with her on several projects, and she always provides invaluable input. Not only does she bring a keen eye and a unique interactive approach to editing, her detailed insights and compassion have helped me develop and strengthen an academic voice.”

Darlene Archer, PhD Candidate at University of California, Davis

"Anytime I’m working on a grant application or formal essay, the first person I think to ask for help in the revision process is Anahita! Whether it is a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae, letter of intent, or even a formal email, she is able to give thorough, detailed, and helpful responses in a timely manner. Her expertise in academic writing as well as her interdisciplinary interests make her not only an expert editor, but a very thoughtful one. I’ve always greatly appreciated her advice and editing recommendations and I’m so happy to recommend her to others!”

Karolin Mirzakhan, PhD @ Kennesaw State University

“As international student (Latin-American) in a PhD program at the University Texas of Dallas, receiving help to improve my writing skills was undoubtedly invaluable. During that stressful moment of writing a PhD dissertation and modeling spatial data, Anahita Hamidi provided comments to my dissertation to be ready for defense. She supported my writing skills with not only sharing time and providing guidance, but also by sharing her experience and editing skills.”

Fernando Mendoza Jara, PhD, Professor @ National Agrarian University

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Investigating the Role of Hippocampus in Remote Memory Retrieval Monday, August 21, 2017 at 11:00am UC Davis Center for Neuroscience, Room 113 1544 Newton Court (Davis, CA / 95618) Q: What is a PhD Exit Seminar, exactly? A: It's literally the one last thing standing...

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This one goes out to all my tweeps.

  [originally posted on Authorea]     *for the Reddit/Authorea/Winnower Contest Tied for 1/2nd place w/ "What Lady Gaga didn't have for lunch" ! I started a Twitter account in 2010, during my first year of graduate school, because I was told I needed to. Not by...

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